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May 19, 2024 4:31 pm

A call for Urgent Action to stop Abusing Eritreans in Sudan

A coalition of Eritrean organizations and concerned individuals has called on the Sudanese government to take immediate action to stop the abuse of Eritreans in Sudan. The coalition has raised concerns about the ongoing harassment, indiscriminate arrest, and extortion of Eritreans by Sudanese police.

According to the coalition, Eritrean women, children, and the elderly are being arbitrarily arrested. This includes Eritreans with valid UNHCR registration cards and holders of foreign passports who are visiting families in Sudan. The coalition has also received reports of the arrest and detention, rape, and abandonment of children of Eritreans, including some with Sudanese nationality.

The coalition has identified several areas where the indiscriminate harassment and arrest of Eritreans are taking place, including Gism Nizam Al-Aam, Merkeba Sug Al Arebi Ajanb, Al Huda Detention Center, and Al-Entzar Detention Center. The round-up and arrest of Eritreans began in January 2022, and the victims are being held in Alarabi detention facility in Khartoum, pending the payment of their ransom. Those who cannot pay are transferred to Al Huda and Al-Entzar Detention Center.

The coalition has also raised concerns about the violence inflicted on Eritreans at the time of arrest and reports of sexual violence against Eritreans, both men, and women, while in detention. Eritreans are seeking safety and refuge in Sudan, fleeing their home country to escape human rights abuses and violations.

As a signatory of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1967 protocol, and the 1969 AU Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa, Sudan has a responsibility to ensure the safety of Eritreans who are seeking protection from abuse inflicted by their own country.

The coalition has called on the Sudanese government to urgently uphold its obligations and renew all refugee status documentation, release all detained Eritreans, hold officials accountable who have engaged in the harassment and arbitrary detention of Eritreans, and ensure that Eritreans in Sudan enjoy safety and security as per international standards.

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Petition · A call for Urgent Action from the Government of Sudan to stop Abusing Eritreans ·

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