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May 19, 2024 4:18 pm

EU agrees 2-billion-euro ammunition plan for Ukraine

The European Union (EU) has agreed to a 2-billion-euro plan to provide ammunition to Ukraine, as the country continues to face ongoing conflict with Russian-backed separatists in the eastern region of Donbas.

The announcement was made at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels, where officials agreed to fund the plan, which will see the EU provide Ukraine with ammunition and other military equipment over the next few years.

The move comes amid rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia, with the two countries exchanging accusations of military buildups along their shared border in recent weeks. The conflict in Donbas, which began in 2014, has already claimed the lives of more than 13,000 people and displaced millions.

In a statement, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said the ammunition plan was “a concrete expression of European solidarity with Ukraine in the face of the continued aggression it faces.”

Borrell also called on Russia to respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, and to engage in constructive dialogue to resolve the conflict.

The EU’s decision to provide ammunition to Ukraine has been welcomed by Ukrainian officials, who say it will help their country defend itself against Russian aggression.

However, the move is likely to be seen as provocative by Moscow, which has repeatedly accused the West of encroaching on its sphere of influence in the region.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine remains a major flashpoint in Europe, and the EU’s decision to provide military aid to Ukraine is likely to further escalate tensions between Russia and the West.

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