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May 19, 2024 4:06 pm

Lagos governor re-elected in win for Nigeria’s ruling party

Lagos, Nigeria – In a decisive victory, Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has been re-elected for a second term in office. The election took place on Saturday, with Sanwo-Olu winning by a wide margin against his closest rival, Jimi Agbaje of the opposition party.

Sanwo-Olu, a member of Nigeria’s ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), campaigned on a platform of continuity and progress. He highlighted his achievements in office over the past four years, including improvements in transportation, health care, and education.

In his victory speech, Sanwo-Olu thanked Lagosians for their support and promised to continue working hard to improve their lives. “I am deeply humbled by your faith in me and in our party, the APC,” he said. “We have come a long way in the past four years, but there is still much more to be done. Together, we will build a Lagos that works for everyone.”

The election was closely watched, as Lagos is Nigeria’s commercial capital and a key political battleground. The APC has dominated politics in the state in recent years, and Sanwo-Olu’s victory is seen as a boost for the party ahead of Nigeria’s 2023 general elections.

President Muhammadu Buhari congratulated Sanwo-Olu on his re-election, saying it was a “testament to the fact that the APC remains the party of choice for Nigerians who are interested in development and progress.”

Meanwhile, Agbaje of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has accepted defeat and congratulated Sanwo-Olu on his victory. “The people have spoken, and we respect their decision,” he said in a statement.

Sanwo-Olu’s re-election is expected to bring stability and continuity to Lagos, which has seen significant development under his leadership. With his victory, he has the opportunity to build on his achievements and continue to make progress for the people of Lagos.

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