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May 19, 2024 4:38 pm

Nepal PM wins confidence vote in parliament

Nepal’s Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli has won a vote of confidence in parliament, ending weeks of political turmoil in the country. The vote was held on Monday, with 93 lawmakers in the 275-member parliament voting in favor of Oli’s government.

The vote of confidence comes after months of political instability in Nepal, with Oli facing criticism from within his own party and opposition lawmakers over his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and other issues. Oli’s government had been reduced to a minority in parliament, following the withdrawal of support from a key coalition partner.

However, Oli was able to win over a number of opposition lawmakers, including members of the Nepali Congress party, to secure the vote of confidence. In his address to parliament, Oli promised to focus on economic development and job creation, and to work towards national unity and reconciliation.

The vote of confidence is a significant victory for Oli, who had been facing mounting pressure to step down from his position. The Prime Minister has been accused of authoritarianism and of attempting to undermine democratic institutions in the country.

However, Oli has strongly denied the allegations, and has argued that his government is committed to upholding democracy and the rule of law. The Prime Minister has also been praised for his efforts to improve infrastructure and attract foreign investment to Nepal, despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The vote of confidence is likely to provide some stability to Nepal’s political situation, which has been volatile in recent months. The country has been grappling with a range of challenges, including the pandemic, economic instability, and ongoing tensions with neighboring India.

Overall, the confidence vote marks a significant moment for Nepal’s government and its people. The country faces a range of challenges in the coming months, but the vote provides a glimmer of hope that political stability and economic progress can be achieved.

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