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May 19, 2024 3:25 pm

President Isaias of Eritrea Departs for Four-Day Official Visit to China

In a bid to further strengthen the existing warm bilateral partnership between Eritrea and China, President Isaias has departed for Beijing on an invitation from President Xi Jinping. The Eritrean Presidential delegation includes the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance & National Development, as well as Trade & Industry.

During the four-day official visit, the two heads of state are expected to engage in discussions on a wide range of issues, including political, economic, finance & development, and trade matters. This visit is seen as a significant opportunity to build on the strong ties between Eritrea and China, and to explore new areas of cooperation.

Eritrea and China have a long history of friendly relations, with China having played an instrumental role in Eritrea’s struggle for independence and subsequent economic development. Today, China is one of Eritrea’s key trading partners and investors, with significant involvement in infrastructure projects, including the building of the Massawa Port and the Zara Gold Mining Project.

In addition to bilateral issues, the two leaders are also expected to discuss regional and international matters of mutual interest. This includes developments in the Horn of Africa, where Eritrea has been playing a crucial role in promoting regional stability and cooperation.

The visit of President Isaias to China is expected to further deepen the strong and enduring partnership between the two countries and to pave the way for greater cooperation in the years to come.

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