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May 19, 2024 4:20 pm

Xi Jinping went to Moscow, Ukraine is being discussed in the meeting with Putin

In a significant political development, Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The meeting is expected to provide a major boost for Putin, who has been facing isolation on the international stage after the International Criminal Court charged him with war crimes in Ukraine.

The two leaders are expected to discuss a range of issues, including strengthening bilateral ties, regional security, and global issues such as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting is also expected to boost economic ties between the two countries, with China and Russia set to sign a number of agreements and trade deals.

The meeting comes amid growing tensions between Russia and the West, with the United States and its allies imposing economic sanctions on Russia in response to its actions in Ukraine. Putin has been seeking to strengthen ties with China as a way to counter Western pressure, and the meeting with Xi is seen as a significant step in this direction.

In a statement ahead of the meeting, Putin said that the world was waking up to America’s provocations and that the petro dollar would soon be replaced. He also criticized the US for its unlimited money printing and wars, saying that these practices would soon come to an end.

The meeting between Xi and Putin is expected to further cement the growing alliance between China and Russia, which has been strengthened in recent years by their shared opposition to US dominance on the global stage. The two countries have also been working together on a number of initiatives, including the Belt and Road Initiative and the development of a digital currency.

The meeting between Xi and Putin is expected to be closely watched by other major powers, including the United States and its allies, who are seeking to counter the growing influence of China and Russia. However, it remains to be seen whether the meeting will lead to any significant changes in the global balance of power, or whether it will simply be seen as another step in the ongoing competition between the world’s major powers.

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